Agency Managing

So an agency has been managing your property….

The fact that you’ve ended up on this page perhaps suggests you’re not quite happy with your current situation. That’s fine, we’ve been there ourselves and that’s why this business was started so we know exactly where you’re coming from.

From our experience, some other holiday rentals agencies can seem pretty old fashioned, stuck in their ways and a long way behind the times in terms of use of technology to help give you the best possible owner experience. Their attention to customer service can leave a lot to be desired which can make you feel pretty frustrated. The income they generate can be disappointing, erratic and the reliability of your income payments can present some worries. The don’t seem to care as much as you do about how well your property is maintained and how it is looked after.

How can this be good enough for the massive investment you’ve made in the property?

If any of the above resonates we’d love to talk to you about how working with us as your holiday lettings manager can be a totally different experience.

Our difference:

    • We will take the time to get to know you, your property and what your priorities are. These differ from owner to owner and establishing these means we can give you exactly what you’re looking for
    • We understand the expectations of customer service of the modern age. “She’ll be right” customer service is not good enough for us and neither should it be for you. We know what it takes to go the extra mile to make sure things are done right, first time, on time, every time.
    • Our full website, which is still under development, uses the latest software technology to give our owners the ability to log in to their dedicated property portal and see how the property is doing with future bookings and income being generated
    • Our success comes from your success as a property owner. We make money when you do so you will always be at the top of our priorities list
    • We will relentlessly promote your property in many different places. Not only will it be listed on our website but it will be listed on Stayz, the leading holiday rentals website in Australia and also on Airbnb, arguably the number one holiday property rental website in the world, amongst others. Beyond the internet, we will engage in many other offline activities to promote your property such as engaging with holiday operators, local communities and others to ensure the widest possible exposure for your property
    • We guarantee your income payments will be made at the agreed time, every time with full transparency about what costs have been incurred
    • Our team has international property management experience, qualifications in business management and training in how to deliver the best service for our customers. We believe in business done properly to the best possible levels, not just giving you enough to get you offour backs.

Worried about moving from your existing manager?

One area of concern you may have is about moving from one agency to another. We’ve been there too but it is easily overcome. Some agencies may take away any forward bookings you have and place those guests in other property; that’s their option but it says volumes about their level of professionalism. It doesn’t need to be a worry though. Whilst you are serving out any notice period with your old agency we can get to work straight away promoting your property and getting guests ready to stay. We can talk to you more about this when the time comes but the transfer shouldn’t be a worrying period for you.

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Holiday Rentals in the Blue Mountains

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Are you an owner looking for the best management of your holiday home?

As property owners ourselves we know the importance of excellent property management coupled with top level customer service. For too long, holiday property management agencies have relied on a laid back "she'll be right" approach to looking after properties and their owners. That's not good enough for us and it shouldn't be for! Tell me about it

Find out how we're different

On our property management services page you can learn more about how we operate and what makes us different from the other agencies out there. Click the link above or if you really want to learn more about our passion for great customer service for owners, give us a call.To find out more

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